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Found a way to improve the quality of audio calls in the Telegram

Telegram this week announced the launch of voice calls in apps for iOS and Android. This innovation is not yet available to all but users in Runet have already found a way to circumvent the restriction.

Messenger allows you to call a specific user, group calls is not provided. In the settings you can specify a list of people who will be able to call the user. All calls are fully encrypted.

Users in the Network compare the quality of the communication Telegram with FaceTime, WhatsApp and Viber Audio. It is known that the last two use a bitrate of 20 Kbps and 32 Kbps, respectively. The leadership of the Telegram refused to publish the voice quality of calls, however, experiments have shown revealed that it is around 25 Kbps. While it is possible to increase it to 32 Kbps.

In order to improve the quality of calls in the Telegram on iOS, need link 10 times click on the name of the person. Displays debug screen with statistics and connection settings. Here you can change the sound quality: if the cellular connection allows, it makes sense to raise it to 32 Kbit/s. In that case, if the traffic is short, the bit rate can be reduced to 8 Kbps, but then quality noticeably deteriorates.

When possible, calls Telegram passes through the peer nodes, using audio codecs to save bandwidth while maintaining quality. If the P2P connection cannot be established, then the application accesses the server that is closest to the user to provide the fastest possible connection. Calls are transmitted via your own company’s servers, which it uses to transmit messages.

The first is to use the function calls can Telegram users from Western Europe, residents of other regions will be able to call each other “soon”. How to activate voice calls Telegram right now can be found in this article.

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