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Apple wants to buy semiconductor manufacturing Toshiba

According to Reuters, citing the Yomiuri Shimbun publication, Apple has added to the number of potential buyers of semiconductor is manufactured by Toshiba.

It is hard to imagine a tech company that if you have the desire and the absence of procedural barriers would not be able to buy the iPhone maker. Positioning a multi-billion cash reserves, Apple becomes the owner of assets that can be used to create new products or enhance functionality of existing ones. According to the source, Apple shows interest in the assets of Toshiba related issue of solid state memory – they are for sale to cover the losses of the Japanese Corporation in other areas.

Observers have expressed concern that Toshiba will again take advantage of the right “to abuse the time.” First, she may not be able to 11 April to provide statements for the fourth quarter of 2016, as the auditors still have any questions to the financial Affairs of the Corporation. In this case, Toshiba will be forced to ask to remove its shares from the quotation list of the Tokyo stock exchange.

Secondly, and Toshiba by the end of June may not determine the choice of the buyer of the assets related to the memory issue. Previously it was thought that the choice will be made to the shareholders ‘ meeting of Toshiba, which will be held in late June. The current leadership of the company, it seems that once again demonstrates an inability to solve problems in a short time. It has already been the subject of criticism by the extraordinary shareholders ‘ meeting, which took place last week.

In January, the Board of Directors of Toshiba has approved a plan for the allocation of production chips in the independent enterprise with the subsequent sale of parts thereof. The manufacturer does not rule out the sale of all of the semiconductor business. This week the plan was approved by shareholders of the company.

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