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28 new jailbreak tweaks for iPhone and iPad [video]

Less than two hours it took for hackers to release untethered jailbreak for iOS 8.4. A software tool called TaiG allows you to hack all the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, running the current OS. The procedure takes less than five minutes and a matter of pressing one button on the screen.

Now with iOS 8.4 compatible most popular utilities from Cydia directory. The developers are actively involved in the process and adapting existing applications to work in the environment of the new platform. However, developers create dozens of new useful solutions. Resource iDB’ve done ‘ video new tweaks designed to make the iPhone and iPad more efficient.

28 new jailbreak tweaks for iOS 8:

  • ABCopyTXT: allows you to copy the text in reddit client Alien Blue (free).
  • AfterLock: automation Activator action after lock (free).
  • AlertClose: displays additional options when forced closing of apps (free).
  • BatteryFlow: personalization warnings about low battery charge (free).
  • CirDock: customizable dock bar ($1,00).
  • ControlPane: brings all the iOS settings in one list ($0,99).
  • Cydia Impactor: return device with jailbreak to the original state (free).
  • DelayVolChange: delay when adjusting the volume.
  • DockBar for iPhone (iOS 8): launcher for lockscreen ($0,99).
  • Do Not phase: phase of the moon instead of icons “do Not disturb” (beta)
  • Dissident: true multitasking ($2,99).
  • Elite – free – improved list of recent calls (free).
  • FastLoading: disables the rebuild icon cache for fast loading Cydia (free).
  • I See Stars II: the view of the rating of the songs in the playlist (for free).
  • Lock Saver free: automatic shutdown of power-consuming functions after the device lock (free).
  • LyricsForMusic: lyrics in Apple Music (free).
  • NCFloater: reduces the size of the notification Center (free).
  • nobar+: view Cydia in full screen mode (free).
  • NoMiniIconGrid: removes the icons of the folders on the desktop (free).
  • NoExploring: removes the View tab from the App Store (free).
  • Roundification: makes a rounded panel of the notification Center, banners, Item management, etc. (free).
  • ShowAllCydiaUpdates: shows all changes for each tweak in Cydia (free).
  • SlimBars: reduces the navigation bar (free)
  • ThinnerBanners: removes the icon in the notification banners (for free)
  • TranslucentCydia: transparent setup page in Cydia (free)
  • WeatherPeek: weather forecast in Spotlight ($1,99)
  • WatchDog Lite: the background apps in iOS (free)
  • WhitelistSwitcher: white list for multitasking panel ($0,99)
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