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Новый патент Apple описывает использование жестов для управления Mac

Today, 28 November, Apple was granted a patent for technology that allows you to use gestures to control your Mac. It is reported by Patently Apple.

The creators of the company PrimeSense, which developed Microsoft’s Kinect sensor. In 2013, Apple acquired PrimeSense, and many of the technologies developed, were used for the development of Face ID and TrueDepth camera.

The patent specifically describes how to activate a new control mode. To do this, use the gesture “focus”.

“To activate a non-tactile three dimensional user interface, you must perform a hand gesture, which is in the field of view of a special device in the computer. The gesture includes a first movement in the first direction along a selected axis in space, followed by a second movement in a second direction opposite the first direction, along the selected axis.”

After that, for Mac can be used for more gestures.

Even before the release of iPhone X was patent that describes the use of the Face ID in the Mac. There are also rumors that the sensor may be built into the HomePod.

As always with Apple patents, there’s no way to know which of them will ever be taken. But, if this technology will be engaged, competent team and will bring it to mind, then the Mac will be something completely new.

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