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Half-Life launched the “smart” hours [video]

Legendary shooter from Valve has launched the “smart” hours, reports Kotaku. A video showing the first part of Half-Life on the LG G Watch, published blogger named Dave Bennett.

To start the game enthusiast using emulator game engine Valve Gold Source. However, prohodit “shooter” using a 4-inch display, was very uncomfortable. Depending on the settings and the number of objects around the gamer retrofit gave the frame rate to 40 FPS. Bennett warned that the frame rate may fall sharply, and the application quit unexpectedly when the CPU load becomes too high.

The first part of a sci-Fi shooter Half-Life appeared in 1998 for the PC, later adapted for the PlayStation 2. Unlike other shooters of the time, the story in Half-Life told without the use of cut scenes — all cut-scenes went on the game engine and the user, in most cases, retained control of the main character, a theoretical physicist Gordon Freeman. The third part of Half-Life is one of the most anticipated games in the world, but she’s not officially announced and the developers refuse to clarify, will it appear or not.

For those wishing to run Half-Life on a smart watch experience blogger posted in open access instruction.

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