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Video of the day: iPhone 8 review and comparison with iPhone 7

Recently on the Internet actively rumors about the preparation for the release of the new “frameless” smartphone iPhone 8. Although Apple has studied the possibility of issuing the device with...



Touchpad instead of the keyboard: this will be the next-gen MacBook pros [gallery]

The world of touchscreens have become part of our lives: smartphones, tablets, terminals dashboard. The last word the laptops that in the near future to say farewell to a mechanical...



iPhone 8: it will look like jubilee’s flagship Apple [video]

A large number of different concepts for the upcoming iPhone 8 different degrees of truthfulness. Designers from project Concept Creator has prepared a realistic concept art the future of the...



Apple launches educational seminars on various topics in retail stores worldwide

Apple has announced plans to launch in all stores 495 brand new educational seminars on various topics: from photography to video to music, programming, art, design and many other areas....



Presented a new concept of the iPhone 8 with a frameless design and a built-in display Touch ID

The network has already published a huge variety of concepts of the iPhone 8. Today, designers Thiago M Duarte and Ron Avni presented his vision of the jubilee flagship, based...



Startup co-founder of Google Larry page has demonstrated the “flying car” Flyer [video]

Project Kitty Hawk, funded by Google co-founder Larry page, first demonstrated flying vehicle with vertical take-off. The device looks like a huge quadcopter, capable of lifting into the air of...



Presents a realistic concept of the iPhone 8: frameless, vertical camera, Touch ID on the rear panel

Foxconn continues to organize information leaks about the new smartphone iPhone 8, as prototypes of the smartphone, which debuts this fall, is already being tested. This week, one of the...



Drop Not! and bears can be square

Fun – perhaps the most “noble” genre, waiting and love the big hits, not a three-nonsense, fit for a queue in the clinic. But it turned out that the mobile...



Why the Samsung Galaxy S8 has no chance to replace the computer

Manufacturers have long attempted to turn the smartphone into a desktop computer, but they are a failure. Samsung with the launch of the flagship Galaxy S8 demonstrated their vision of...



Against fools and roads: what will Russia respond to Apple Car?

Unmanned vehicles will make the biggest revolution in the world of transport. That Apple has already received permission for testing vehicles with Autonomous control systems. It is expected that the...



Waiting for users of Hackintosh from the new modular Mac Pro

In the beginning of the month Apple told me that designs a brand-new, “completely rethought” model of the workstation Mac Pro. Your computer will have a modular design that will...



No, Apple will not transfer the Home button and Touch ID on back panel iPhone 8

Yesterday, the network appeared “real” drawings iPhone 8 with vertically arranged dual camera and display “edge to edge”. Network long debate, where in this case Apple will get a Touch...



The concept of the new modular Mac Pro and frameless monitor Apple Cinema Display

It is no secret that Apple designs a new, “completely rethought” model Mac Pro. This was told by senior Vice President of marketing Phil Schiller. In addition to completely new...



Right: this concept will make you even more waiting for iPhone

After the presentation of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S8 main rival, the Apple will be difficult to surpass Koreans the bar in terms of design. It all started with...



Socks for iPod, sneakers, psychedelic iMacs: 10 strange Apple products

Since Steve jobs returned to Apple, “apples” produced one hit after another: the release of the next iMac, iPod, iPhone, iPad, each time becoming a sensation. However, over the 40...

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