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The designer presented a luxury concept AirPods in the color “black onyx”

The famous designer Martin Hayek has prepared a concept of wireless headphones AirPods in a new black color to match the iPhone 7 Jet Black. He does not exclude that...



“Frameless” iPhone 8 can get the wheel Digital Crown on the Apple Watch as

Bureau of patents and trademarks U.S. published patent application Apple describes the implementation of the wheel of the Apple Watch on the iPhone. “Rotational input method” can be used for...



Experts: avoid disconnecting from the global Internet Russia will help China

What would happen if Russia in the event of a global conflict will try to disconnect from



The designer has introduced the concept of iPad Pro 2 with dual camera and edge-to-edge display

The launch of a new Apple product, as a rule, precedes the emergence of



The concept of the iPhone 8 with a Touch panel is Bar-style MacBook Pro [video]

The main innovation of the new MacBook Pro is touch mini screen Touch Bar, located above a mechanical keyboard. On it are various tools depending on which program is currently...



Angry Birds Blast birds in a row

A few years ago, anybody did not cause questions, what is the most famous mobile game or series. To mind came clear associative array: feather, green color, glass and wooden...



Created concept iPhone 8 based on rumors: glass case, a screen “edge to edge”, five colors

In recent days, with new vigor renewed rumors that the iPhone 8 will get a completely new design in honor of the 10th anniversary of the smartphone. Last week this...



Top major differences between Mac and Windows-PC

The history of the development of modern computers – it is an epic war for market share between Apple and Microsoft. In this competition make the next move. Microsoft released...



Can this be iPhone 8 with edge-to-edge display and no Home button

Although Apple in September released iPhone 7, creative minds are already looking further. Designers from project iDropnews demonstrated the vision of the next Apple smartphone, the presentation of which will...



Yota 2017 will refuse unlimited Internet

Mobile operator Yota 2017 we will refuse packages with unlimited mobile Internet and enter a packages with a limited amount of traffic. This was stated by the head of the...



Overview AirPods: who created wireless headphones Apple

Many of us use wireless headphones, and these devices every day progress and give more quality sound. Apple, which seeks to be a pioneer in everything, is to fully deliver...



What’s wrong with AirPods: 3 annoying things Apple need to fix

On Monday Apple started selling AirPods wireless headphones in retail stores. To order a headset, the release of which was delayed for more than two months, is available in the...



Street Steve jobs in Paris won’t: why government changed its decision

The streets of Steve jobs, which was to appear in the South-East of Paris, now will not. The proposal was blocked by the Communists and “green” from the municipal Council...



“Smart” glasses Bridge for iPhone make science fiction a reality [video]

In early 2015 Microsoft press conference, which demonstrated the holographic glasses HoloLens designed to turn the idea of augmented reality technologies. The device, which had been developed for five years,...



Now we know how it will look new iPhone 8 [photos]

With the advent of the smartphone Xiaomi Mi Mix has been running the flywheel for creating smartphones with a screen in the entire front panel. Chinese brands are distinguished by...

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