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Xiaomi tried to pay the user to conceal the fact of the explosion of smartphone charging

Xiaomi had tried to offer the owner of a burning mobile monetary compensation in exchange for silence. About it writes the edition

The Xiaomi smartphone was purchased March 1 this as a gift for the birthday girl. 21 December, she loaded the smartphone, when suddenly I noticed that the smartphone started to heat up. Heating is not stopped even after disconnecting it from the power adapter. The result was a fire.

After the parents went to the service center, Xiaomi has offered them a full refund of the device and about $85 on top. For this, the manufacturer has offered to sign the agreement, one of which was non-disclosure of this history. The woman was not supposed to talk about the explosion of the mobile press or in social networks.

The woman claims that only used the original cables and charger. At the same time she had to sign the papers, otherwise she wouldn’t have gotten the money for the gadget. However, it is not forced her to remain silent. The lawyer of the Chinese believes that they have all the chances to win in case of judicial claims Xiaomi.

This is not the first known case where Android manufacturers are trying to hush up the incident with the explosion of smartphones. In October it became known about the attempts of Samsung to pay the user $900, so he hid the fact of spontaneous combustion in Galaxy Note 7.

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