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Apple has patented smart clothes for the deaf and blind

Apple is working on new types of devices that will allow people with disabilities safer to move around the city.

According to a new patent application to the Corporation, engineers are working on some cylindrical gadget that coupled with smart clothes will scan the surrounding space, to create his map, and then transfer the data to users with disabilities. Blind gadget will transmit information via voice prompts. The deaf will receive a haptic feedback from smart shirts with a special touch coating on the inside.

In the patent application, users in the hands is depicted as a compact cylinder, which also needs to interact with the person during the movement. Most likely, this cylinder can be iPhone or Apple Watch. Latest now can send tactile cues when navigating using proprietary map service Corporation.

Of course, the presence of a patent and any development does not mean that Apple will start to sell smart clothes or any other device described in a patent application. A more likely scenario – implementation of similar features in already existing gadgets. The emergence of smart branded clothes from Apple sounds more fantastic than the appearance of their AR points.

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