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iMac Pro with a 18-core processor is delayed until February

The basic configuration monoblock with 8 and 10-core processors can already be ordered, but the more powerful model will have to wait.

Recently went on sale, the most powerful computer Apple – iMac Pro. This is a professional device designed for compute-intensive tasks like rendering 3D graphics, editing videos and photos, as well as recording and mixing music tracks.

The computer can be ordered today. In stores it will appear on 27 December 2017. While buyers can only buy two starting configurations with 8 and 10-core Intel Xeon processors. iMac Pro with 14 and 18-core processors will go on sale in February 2018.

Apple has confirmed that it will supply the top configuration of the computer in the beginning of next year. And online store the delivery time iMac Pro with 14 and 18-core chips is 6-8 weeks. Moreover, the official Apple application Store it is reported that the fastest and most powerful version of the candy bar will appear in retail no earlier than 20 February.

This means that those who want to acquire the most productive device will have to wait about two months, or to abandon the idea and buy something more modest. Probably the last option is not so bad after all, even the iMac Pro 10-core processor is almost twice as powerful as the top-end Mac Pro 2013.

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