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Xiaomi has taken into account the errors of Apple – smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6 do not bend arms

At the time, the iPhone 6 Plus had complained that the device bends after a few days of wearing in your pocket. The scandal in connection with this deficiency began to flare up after the publication of a video showing how easy it is to bend the gadget by pushing with your fingers on the case near the volume buttons. Later Apple considered these complaints in the next smartphone iPhone 6 Plus has completely solved this problem by strengthening weak spots. But the sediment, as they say, remained.

Blogger jerryrigeverything once, relying on the strength of materials and design of smartphones, subjected to torture new set of flagship smartphones Xiaomi Mi 6. As usual, all the mockery of device it was recorded on video.

His bullying can be regarded as a pastime, but also useful info in this too. For example, looking ahead, Mi 6 you can’t break or at least bend like the iPhone 6 Plus, putting relatively little effort, while many other smartphones on the market, you can not just bend with your hands, but also completely broken.

New Xiaomi covered with glass, which can scratch a material with a hardness of 6 on Mohs scale. The glass covering the back, as well as covering dual camera, scratch with a utility knife will not work. At the same time to strip off the paint with the side faces using the same knife, special work will not make.

Test heating Xiaomi Mi 6 survived, like almost any modern smartphone.

The test for bending is of particular interest, given the bad experience of Apple. As it turned out, Xiaomi has made the necessary conclusions and made the design of the Mi 6 relevant elements, which allowed him to easily withstand the bend test. That is, neither to break, nor even bend the smartphone Xiaomi Mi 6, putting the usual effort will not work.

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In the test of fire Xiaomi Mi 6 also did not disappoint and passed it with honor.

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