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Microsoft: iTunes and the Apple Music will appear in the Windows Store this year

iTunes music Apple Music service will be available in the official app store Windows store. The release will take place before the end of the year. This is stated in the official Twitter account of Microsoft.

Last week Microsoft announced the new operating system Windows 10, which works only with apps from the Windows Store. This means that users of the new platform will not be available to programs such as iTunes and Google Chrome.

That popular desktop browsers like Chrome or Firefox will not be able to get into the Windows store became known yesterday, Microsoft intends to let go only browsers that use the same engines as Microsoft Edge. In an official statement, the company justifies its actions by a concern for the safety of users, Windows 10’s, the key to which is the certification of the content in the official catalogue.

The situation with the iTunes application, sync iOS devices – was unclear. And now Microsoft hastened to assure that the iPhone and iPad users will not be infringed in their rights. Until the end of the year they will be able to use iTunes in Windows 10 S. Per hour of the announcement retweeted and noted like 1500 people.

Microsoft also announced Xamarin Live Player – new solution for developing iOS apps on Windows PC and released the final version of Visual Studio for the Mac.

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