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MacPaw has opened in Kiev Museum of vintage Macs

Company MacPaw software products for Apple devices, has decided to contribute to the historical education of users and opened in the Ukrainian capital, the Museum of vin tage Macs. MacPaw Museum exposition is located in the office of the company. The collection includes 70 items, including 13 iconic computers, including the Macintosh 128k signed by Steve Wozniak.

Founder and head Alexander Kosovan, MacPaw is a longtime fan of the brand. According to him, he decided to start a Museum in Kiev, as a tribute to Apple. “Apple has radically changed my life. Guided by the principles of simplicity and convenience, the lessons from Steve, I’ve used similar approaches in creating a company and products MacPaw. MacPaw Museum is gratitude to Apple for creating generations of unique products that changed the world”, — quotes the words Ain Kosovan.

The highlight of the collection MacPaw Museum is considered the Apple IIc (predecessor of the Mac) and iMac G4. Presented in the Museum and other vintage models:

  • NeXT Cube
  • Lisa
  • 20th Anniversary Mac
  • Original iMac
  • 1994 iBook,
  • PowerMac G4
  • Powerbook G4 Aluminum
  • iBook,
  • 12″ Powerbook,
  • eMac,
  • iMac G5,
  • Powerbook G3.

MacPaw also in the Museum there are other exhibits collected by the efforts of a team: a collection of past iPhone models, books about Apple’s design (ICONIC and Designed in California), campaign posters Think different and first keyboard Kosovan, on which was written the code of the first version of CleanMyMac Classic.

The exhibition will be open on a regular basis, but not available to the public: this will need to pre-register for a tour. The entrance is free. “Everyone who comes to our events and excursions can look at the exhibition. We plan to fix all of your computers and will show over time how they work”, — said the representative of MacPaw.

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MacPaw previously launched the service Setapp — application for macOS available to users by subscription.

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