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Samsung told about the plans to make the shell TouchWiz is faster and more efficient

Samsung developers conference were told about the plans to rewrite the shell brand for their Android smartphones. The company announced the successful results achieved using new Vulkan API. It is claimed that the technology allows to significantly reduce the battery consumption by the OS during use.

One of the key innovations of the software platform Android N was to support the Vulkan API – competitor to Apple’s Metal for Android and Windows. The function allows to improve the performance of smartphones and tablets in the games, however, the manufacturers of third-party Android skins, and programs were able to use it to smooth and speed.

It was previously reported that Google is going to help Samsung to overcome the problems with TouchWiz and rid proprietary interface of Koreans from the mistakes of programmers. The main competitor of Apple decided to focus on improving the interface of their smartphones, allowing professionals to optimize the code underlying the customized version of Android OS. In the new version of the TouchWiz interface should be faster and more economical.

According to a statement Samsung, Vulkan programming interfaces that enable developers to access the hardware directly, allowed to reduce the total power consumption Galaxy S7 edge of 6%. Given a battery capacity of 3600 mAh , technology allows you to extend the battery life of the device for 40 minutes.

Google operating system has come a long way and now boasts a stable enough work on the flagship models. At the same time Samsung products running on this OS, often criticized for the interface and not the best speed TouchWiz. In Seoul finally decided to optimize the software shell, and, allegedly, to do it better than Apple with iOS.

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At the moment, we are talking about a partial implementation of the Vulkan API in TouchWiz as Google haven’t released the necessary tools for a deeper integration.

At the time, Apple was released from team the Vulkan API, although I also planned to support this API for iOS and OS X. in the Summer of 2014, the company introduced its own technology. API Metal bypasses the layering of standard graphics API OpenGL ES for mobile games to more direct interaction with the hardware. In Apple claim that the use of Metal enables up to 10 times to increase the speed of drawing graphics on the iPhone and iPad. At WWDC 2015, the company introduced the implementation of the technology for Mac computers.

Now Apple is solely focused on promoting its own Metal API.

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