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Where to buy the cheapest iPhone and Mac in Russia

Finally, in the Internet appeared the place where you can buy and sell BU the equipment. The site is called here all only for Apple – for “their”.

Catches the eye that the iPhone is cheaper by about 20 000, for 10-15 iPad, Mac 20-30 thousand. There are rare models such as the legendary iMac G4 “lamp Steve”, and a great set of iPhone covers, headphones good and useful accessories.

One of the advantages of the flea market:

  • can always bargain to offer the price option on your wallet;
  • to lay out your ad for you absolutely free;
  • you can find something specific from Apple, or watch other gadgets.

Separately, the creators of the service have identified two useful options that are missing in other boards. First, you can exchange iPhone to Mac as is, or with a surcharge. Second, it is even possible to get something for free, for pickup.

There are very decent options, just go away quickly. It’s great that people don’t forget to share so things that don’t need them anymore.

Chose for you the most interesting and profitable from the point of view of price and proven sellers. If you see anything you like feel free to come, post your ads tucked gadgets.

1. MacBook Air 2013

Device is in excellent condition, not one scratch, not repaired. Included: box, clip, documentation, and wire. A very good offer. Savings of up to 20 000 rubles.

Damprodam price: 50 000 RUB, Dmitry. For comparison, the price of Yandex.Market: 69 990 rubles.

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2. 2013 MacBook Pro 512 GB

In perfect condition, was used very rarely. Full set with box and all wires, even case give as a gift.

Price: 74 000 rubles, Yevgeny Bobylev. For comparison, the price of Yandex.Market: 84 990 rubles.

3. The 27-inch iMac 2009

Excellent condition, only not working DVD drive. RAM expanded to 8 GB. Package: box, Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad gift.

Price: 45 000 RUB., Igor. For comparison, the price of Yandex.Market: 66 990 RUB.

4. Apple TV 3G

Apple TV MD199 in it’s entirety. Hardly touched, was used for AirPlay. Almost two times cheaper than in the store.

Price: 3 990 rubles, Vasily. For comparison, the price of Yandex.Market: 5 990 RUB.

5. iPod Touch 5G 32 GB

Broken display, and otherwise fully working smartphone. The seller is willing to buy a screen for my iPod, or to share on any a living iPod of 32 GB.

Price: the exchange, Eugene Drank

6. iPhone 5C 16 GB

Complete kit (documentation, clip, Lightning cable, power adapter) perfect condition. On – Board iOS 9.3.2.

Price: 11 000 RUB., Cyril

7. iPad Air 2 64 Gb (Wi-Fi+LTE)

The condition is excellent. The full package: box, cables and warranty card. Even out of warranty yet. Discount of almost 10 000.

Price: 32 500 RUB., Makar Gorelyshev

8. iPhone 6 Space Gray 64 GB

Smartphone in excellent condition, a full-blooded American. Complete set except the headphones. Got rid of almost 15 000. It’s worth it.

Price: 30 000 RUB., Michael. For comparison, the price of Yandex.Market: 42 890 RUB.

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9. iPhone 6 Plus 128 GB Space Gray

Give almost nothing. In excellent condition, warranty until 24 December 2016. Included-box, documentation, charger, headphones and clip. Give case-book Twelve South.

Price: 52 000 RUB, Anonimous. For comparison, the price of Yandex.Market: 63 000.

10. New strap for the Apple Watch 42mm (blue)

New silicone strap blue for the 42 mm Apple Watch. Not used even once. The price in 2 times below retail.

Price: 2 500 RUB., Gleb

11. Block bracelet to the Apple Watch 42 mm

New steel bracelet with extra links. Pretty good replica, not be distinguished from the original.

Price: 1500 RUB., Anton. For comparison, the price of Yandex.Market: 7 500 RUB.

12. AirPort Time Capsule 2 TB

New original base station from USA, in excellent condition. Not used. Save up to 7 500 rubles.

Price: 13 000 RUB., Simon. For comparison, the price of Yandex.Market: 20 220 RUB.

What’s the bottom line. Want to find the maximum benefit? Then often go to the flea market DamProdam: every day there are great deals on used iPhones, iPads and Macs, as well as accessories for them. Gadgets sold quick, who did not, the overpaid three times in the store.

Registration and all features free. Come, benefit waiting

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