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Smart shower Hydrao allows you to control the flow of water using your iPhone [video]

We have already seen several special models of the soul, which thanks to a special device nozzles significantly reduce water consumption. However, they do not offer any tools to account for the consumption of water. The company Hydrao hurried to take care of this, introducing a “smart” shower head, which allows to consider the cost of using a smartphone.

Shower head equipped with integrated led lights that indicate how much water you have already poured himself. The device connects via Bluetooth to an iPhone or iPad and within the app you can set the warning intervals – for example, 40, 60 and 80 liters. Upon reaching each of these values, the Central part of the soul will light up three different colors – green, blue, red. Sort of a gentle hint that it was time to go.

The advantage of the soul Hydrao that it complies with all “per capita” standards and does not require batteries, notes Hotshowlife. A small built-in turbine uses the flow of water to generate enough power for electronics.

In the app you can add profiles for all family members, and perhaps someone it will help to reconsider your habits.

Such a device is definitely the person who really cares about the environment. Otherwise, instead of a relaxing morning shower may form an unconscious sense of guilt for their extravagance.

Leave a pre-order for Hydrao on the company’s website. The device valued at $ 99.

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