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Jony Ive said that inspired Apple to create the iPhone

Apple design chief jony Ive spoke at TechFest 2017 in new York and gave an interview to the editor of The New Yorker David Remnick.

Ive answered some questions about his tenure at Apple, design philosophy and working with Steve jobs, which Ive called “wonderful teacher.”

The most interesting part of the conversation concerned the technology is working on Apple. Ive said that there are certain ideas, which just “keeps in mind”, and waits until technology could “catch up” with these ideas. Steve jobs often used the phrase: “Stay hungry, stay foolish” and to the question: “if you’re Hungry on your new products and ideas?” Ive answered: “Absolutely.”

“We announced the iPhone X a few weeks ago. I am in awe of how artificial intelligence, and the possibilities that it opens. It’s fun, it’s modern trend, we worked on this technology for five years.”

Ive noted that the development of new products requires a combination of attention and curiosity to ask the right questions, staying focused on creating a product.

“There are 55 reasons why we have not done this before. We had to remain very focused and determined. Maintain a high level of focus is very tiring”.

Jony Ive also talked about working with Steve and the ideals that Steve jobs instilled in the company.

“Money was never the focus of Steve, even when he returned to Apple and started to make a significant reduction in the production line of that time. Steve was focused on the issue of really good things.”

Sometimes inspiration came to Iowa from poorly designed products. The same was the case with the iPhone. Aversion to the design of mobile phones of that time has forced Apple to come up with something new.

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“We knew there had to be a way to make mobile phones better.”

Apple executives have repeatedly stated that the company’s products designed for people, not for profit. Ive said this several times in the interview.

“Most things are made in an opportunistic purposes, for gain or just for graphics, but they are not made for people.”

To the question concerning design in General, Ive said that he remembers more of the process, not the product. He added that he was lucky to work with extraordinary people.

September 12 was the iPhone X phone, which is ahead of time.

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