What to listen to: Mujuice, Phantogram, X Ambassadors, Noel Gallagher and Mandy Moore from This is US

There are weeks when major musicians literally packs release new albums. The first days of March 2020 are exactly the same time. True, these are not longplayers, but extendet players – small albums. But still they deserve attention!

X Ambassadors – Belong

I love this group with all my heart, soon they will have a concert in Moscow, and so I will end up there – this simply cannot be missed. But with X Ambassadors there is one small problem: their full-length albums. The debut VHS was very good, and ORION, although I added it to my favorite albums, I can’t call it the best.

And then, after seven months, the group released a mini-album consisting of only three songs:

And this album became what I love the band so much for – acoustic gospel things, for Sam Harris' amazing vocals, for the groove of the keys of his brother Casey.

It seems that after the release of VHS, the group signed a contract with KIDinaKORNER, and ORION was written under a contract. But the songs released between him and VHS were recorded as if for the musicians themselves, and not for the enjoyment of the label.

Belong EP looks exactly like that. It becomes a great continuation of Ahead of Myself, Don’t Stay, Joyful – those singles that were supposed to be on the album, scheduled for April 2018, but eventually it was canceled.

Perhaps Belong EP just became a collection of unreleased songs written specifically for that album. Listening to this mini-album, it’s even a little sad that it never came out.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Blue Moon Rising

One of the Gallagher brothers who, after the collapse of Oasis, is not even going to communicate with each other. The reasons can be discussed for several years, taking the side of each of the Gallaghers, but the fact remains: Oasis was one of the most significant groups in British rock.

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What Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds do is not at all like Oasis. However, this music is still identified as Brit rock.

Blue Moon Rising has far fewer guitars. And, in principle, we can say that there was no development. Since the release of the group's debut album, Noel has released the same albums, only slightly changing the sound. And if the first two albums are about guitar and bass, now the whole rhythm section comes to the fore.

But this small guitar motif abruptly ends with the very guitar Come On Outside. And she’s just like a gap in her head. It seems that Noel only with this song realized that being a guitarist, you should continue to be one.

Phantogram – Ceremony

The first album in 3.5 years of the American duet hints with its cover on the debut album of 2013.

Ceremony has become a new breath of air in the work of Phantogram. Each of the songs is close to dance electronics. Music critics call the group’s new work the weakest, but it seems they simply did not like this transformation with a lighter and even somewhat optimistic sound.

One thing is for sure: the group made the right decision to bring Sarah Barthel's vocals to the fore. These are definitely the best vocal parts that she could give out. Sounds great at all.

True, the new album seems to complete the decade of the tenth years: hip-hop beats and a very deep beat have become fashionable over the past decade. There is no progress globally musical. But it's still a great dark pop album.

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Mandy Moore – Silver Landings

Having become the star of the small screens with the TV series “This is Us”, Mandy Moore is starting his musical career again.

If the first album, released by 15-year-old Mandy, was an attempt to create another Britney Spears, then already in 2007, she was reformatted from a failed pop star to a country singer.

After 13 years, Mandy releases Silver Landings. And this is very close to that country music with light pop motifs. Here we hear the already mature voice of Moore, who survived a very toxic marriage with Ryan Adams, as well as the rise of her career in one of the most revered television dramas now.

The album sounds very easy. As if over the years, Mandy kept something in a vise and did not allow to speak. In an interview, she admitted that she would return to music, no matter what her ex-husband said. Well, it turned out to be a joyful comeback, which Mandy admitted at the end, claiming she was very happy about this return.

Multi-line releases

But not only with major releases is the land full. Here I will talk about a few small releases this week.

Monophonics – Last One Standing

Monophonics' stunning retro funk anticipating the big longplay with the release of a small mini-album.

Listen to Last One Standing – Monophonics on Yandex.Music

It seems that the album was released in the 1970s with a nostalgic sound, with the same strings. Great styling, which I really want to dance to.

Mujuice – Rytm Moskva

The second album in four months by the Moscow electronic engineer. It seems that almost an hour longplay is designed for lonely walks along the embankments of Moscow.

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For some reason, Mujuice claims that in this album he recalls 2010. Everything can be.

Naked Six – Lost Art of Conversation

A dirty, loud second album from Manchester.

It seems that the group is shooting at the same target where The Subways, sometimes Blur and other representatives of the British indie rock, were beaten. It is unlikely that at least one song of the group will be the same hit as Song II or Rock & Roll Queen, but if you miss that sound, then this album can come to you.

Lauv – ~ how i’m feeling ~

The ultra-long album of the rising pop star is filled with a large number of ballads with a claim to sincerity.

The album has a duet with Grammy-winner Alessia Kara and the Korean boy band BTS. As a result, a good pop album was released, which is quite capable of being in the playlists of millions.

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