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Client Yandex.Disc has got built-in photo editor and now supports video streaming

The company Yandex has announced a new version of the application “Yandex.CD”. Updated client for smartphones and tablets Apple includes a built-in photo editor, and support for streaming video. In addition, the new Drive solved the problem with the display of photos on the iPad.

Now users of the official client Yandex.Disk can process images using the editor to do color correction, straighten horizon, add a label. To use the editor, you need to open a photo and tap the edit button. Function broadcast video streaming, in turn, provides the ability to start watching videos without waiting for the download device.

“There are built-in image editor. With it costs nothing to modify snapshot — align horizon, improve color, add a frame or funny signature. To use the editor, open the photo and click edit.

We added support for streaming video: you can now watch videos without waiting for a full load. By the way, any of them will be available at all without the Internet, if you translate it in offline-mode”, – stated in the patch notes “Yandex.CD” 1.6.

In addition, the developers have decided the problem with the display of photos on the iPad with Retina display and corrected errors in the offline folder. Users of official clients “Yandex.Disk”, as we can access your files even without Internet — anytime and anywhere. For example, listen to music on the plane or read in books, which are stored in the cloud.

All the offline files and offline folders are collected in the Appendix in one place, so you don’t have to search. Mobile Yandex.The drive synchronizes them with the service each time you connect to the Internet.

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Download the app “Yandex.The drive for iOS and Android devices from the online App Store and Google Play next.

Download Yandex.Disk” for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [App Store]
Download Yandex.Drive for Android [Google Play]

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