Razer Viper gaming mouse review: shoot without a miss

Which mouse to choose? The question is relevant at all times, and we have an answer to it. I took a new Razer Viper mouse for the test and I want to talk about it.


The mouse is packed in a black and green box, the colors are recognizable and loved by the players. What's inside? There is a mouse and a set of stickers, spare legs I did not find.

Razer Viper gaming mouse review: shoot without a miss

Good in the hand

The mouse is medium in size, not large or small, with a symmetrical body and a slight narrowing in the center. I love the harder and heavier mice more, so I had to get used to the very light Razer Viper. I adapted quickly and can’t write down the light weight to the shortcomings – a matter of personal preference and addiction.

Razer Viper gaming mouse review: shoot without a miss

Moreover, a modest 70-gram weight did not affect the structural strength: the mouse was assembled perfectly, no squeaks. You can even squeeze a plastic body with all your might – the Razer Viper gives the impression of a durable thing.

True, I didn’t knock on the table in my hearts, but in the midst of the battle, having lost the battle, all the emotions first pour into the mouse.

Razer Viper gaming mouse review: shoot without a miss

The case is black, the plastic is matte and rough, and the sides are completely finished with a rubberized coating so that your fingers do not slip when the most tense moment of all comes in the game. The wheel, too, with a rubber coating, a relief notch and a well-noticeable stepped stroke, is convenient.

Razer Viper gaming mouse review: shoot without a miss

The paracord cord is long and soft, it bends easily and takes a convenient shape, as if using a wireless mouse rather than a wired one.

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Razer Viper gaming mouse review: shoot without a miss

In addition to a pair of main buttons, the mouse also has two auxiliary keys from each side. Another button is located below, it is responsible for switching between profiles. It’s good that they sent her there, eliminating accidental tripping. Next to it is a light indicator, thanks to it it is easier to understand which value is selected.


What kind of gaming accessory without sparkling lights? Of course, the mouse received the Razer brand logo, which blinks in different colors until you turn it off. The backlighting is uniform, the logo is clearly visible until you put your hand on the mouse. But there is only one diode, so do not expect effects like a Christmas tree – a relatively modest mouse.

Razer Viper gaming mouse review: shoot without a miss

Sensitivity and speed

You can adjust the sensitivity of the mouse through the Razer Synapse 3 application, it is worth a try and "play around with fonts." Macros, backlighting, and modes of its operation change depending on the program used and the presence of other Razer devices, launch the necessary applications, or the layout for the left or right hand is set.

You will get more functions if you are not too lazy and spend a little time exploring the capabilities of the application. Versions for macOS, alas, no, only for Windows.

Razer Viper’s slightly dry specifications: optical sensor with a resolution of up to 16,000 dpi, speed 450 ips, acceleration 50 g.

The buttons are pressed clearly, a resource of 70 million clicks is declared for the optical switch – it is quite possible to pass the mouse on to the grandchildren. But seriously, the clatter of the buttons is quiet, the sound is pleasant and not annoying, as is sometimes the case with gaming accessories. The gaming mouse is very fast – the response is only 0.2 milliseconds. I didn’t sit and stop with the stopwatch, I believe Razer’s word for it, the reaction in the games is lightning fast.

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Razer Viper gaming mouse review: shoot without a miss

The buttons located on the sides are noticeably recessed into the case and pressing the flat keys is not very convenient. You have to bend your finger and adapt to the deep course.

Razer Viper gaming mouse review: shoot without a miss

What about the gaming experience? Yes, everything is fine. The mouse is fast, the Razer Viper responds with lightning speed – of course, it will not shoot for you, so that in blunders it remains only to blame yourself and anyone else. But if the hands are from the right place, then the first places in the shooters are provided.

In the end, you need to say about the price: the Razer Viper mouse costs 5,990 rubles. I can’t say that it’s cheap, but I can’t find anything to complain about, it’s a pleasant and high-quality thing.

If we talk about personal impressions, I liked it in all respects: lightweight, convenient, fast, accurate, the cable is not felt at all. Therefore, if you are looking for a good gaming mouse, you should take a closer look at the Razer Viper.

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