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Apple: Apple Music audience has exceeded 11 million people

Apple music service Music attracted more than 11 million subscribers in the first four weeks after the launch of the service. About it the newspaper USA Today said Apple Vice President of Internet services eddy cue.

“We are pleased with these figures,” said a top Manager of Apple. He added that about 2 million subscribers Apple Music choosing a family plan for $14.99 in a month.

Apple first statistics reveals its streaming service. At the recent announcement of quarterly reporting CEO Tim cook was limited to only mention “millions and millions” of subscribers. Team Apple Music didn’t want to openly share their successes before the end of the three-month trial period. Only then it will become clear what proportion of users will not switch to competing services, including shareware.

Last month, Spotify announced the achievement of the strap 20 million paid subscribers. The total audience of the service is around 75 active users. And, for example, Yandex.Music daily to listen to more than 10 million people.

According to sources in Cupertino, the team’s Director of content and services Apple Robert Condry she was surprised by the amount subscribed during the free trial period. Although statistics Apple Music could be even better: the ability to use the service during the trial period provides the details of active Bank cards that stops many from subscription.

Before it became known that Apple has launched a global promotional campaign Apple Music. Posters depicting famous artists and logo service has appeared in many cities around the world, including San Francisco, Tokyo, Toronto, Los Angeles and Mexico city.

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