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What the result would be to Touch ID in the iPhone 8?

Before the presentation of the iPhone 8 is just over a month, but many questions still remain unanswered. In the past July-August we knew almost all about the upcoming iPhone, and now we don’t even know the names of. In addition, we don’t know anything about the new OLED screen, many functions, camera, and augmented reality. However, perhaps the most popular question is what Apple will do with Touch ID? Built and whether it has the fingerprint scanner in the display? Will take rear panel? Give it up at all? Different sources gave different information, but now we have probably got a truthful answer to all these questions.

In the Network every day there is a new leak from iPhone 8, but the latter has attracted particular attention. In the Chinese social network has pictures of the back cover of the smartphone with the cutout for Touch ID.

A few months ago, the final design of the iPhone 8 was “confirmed” informed sources, and then no sensor on the back panel were not. Despite this, every few weeks in the online leaked photos of the upcoming iPhone with Touch ID, located on the rear panel.

At the moment we have four possible scenarios:

  • Touch ID will be built into the screen.
  • It will be placed on the rear panel below the Apple logo.
  • The fingerprint scanner will replace the technology of facial recognition.
  • The sensor is integrated in the power button.
  • Many agree that Apple simply will not be able to place the Touch ID in the back as it is uncomfortable. In addition, embedding a fingerprint scanner in the power button – also not a good idea, it’s not as intuitive as in the lower part of the front panel, although not as bad as the back.

    The option of rejection of Touch ID seems unlikely. It is unlikely Apple will abandon proven technology, which was invested much effort and funds. Although, if the company has managed to develop a system of recognition of persons working at any angle, the waiver of a fingerprint scanner makes sense.

    In the past few weeks, various sources continue to claim that Touch ID will be in the power button. Otherwise, why Apple needed to increase the power key of the iPhone 8? Moreover, the company has relevant patents for the installation of Touch ID in the power button.

    As for the rumors about Touch ID on back is fake. To say with absolute certainty, of course, impossible, but the likelihood that Apple will take such a step is too small.

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