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How to update macOS with one command in the Terminal

The update of the Mac operating system means the App Store is about 30-40 minutes. Not many people know that an update can be performed much faster and use the computer in the process.

For example, the Sierra 12.6 installation of macOS on MacBook Pro takes about 10 minutes to use the device not only during reboot.

In the corresponding thread on Reddit originally proposed to use two commands in the Terminal:

  • softwareupdate -l
  • softwareupdate -I-a

The first command requests a list of available updates from Apple the second sets.

Other participants proposed more effective solutions.

“You can enter “sudo softwareupdate -ia;sudo reboot”, the commands will be executed one after another.”


“It’s even better to do:

sudo softwareupdate -ia && sudo reboot

The restart will occur only if the first command succeeds.

If something goes wrong, the computer will not restart and you will be able to see the error.

The best way:

sudo sh-c “softwareupdate -ia && reboot””

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