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Warbits is a real turn-based strategy for mobile

Over the past few years the strategy genre was terribly deklassirovannym – this word now understand it is not high-brow entertainment, designed for several hours of intense brain work, and farming simulator. Which, of course, no problem – the game needed not be with these strategies such trouble: one or two per year. Even promising Total War: Kingdom failed to meet expectations, and made all the same “farm”. The wind of change blew from not waiting a little Risky Lab Studio two years was forged in the dungeons of full TBS to eventually release Warbits – one of the most successful games of the season.

The first (and last) effort that I need to do starting Warbits is to suppress rejection. The game really looks lightly; for the Russian people, accustomed to the tanks and the order of special forces. Some circles, men, all bright and cartoonish, but this one is not a drop passes the hardcore essence of the game is to turn your head here more often than in the most militarized simulations.

In the 20 kopecks missions that Warbits will drag you through the campaign mode (there’s even a story), you will feel like Rokossovsky, the don and the great in one person. Game balance is confined by the principle of “rock-scissors-paper” – each unit has both strengths and weaknesses. Someone far and hits hard, but is weak in defense, someone had grown a kilometer armor, but sees no further than his muzzle, someone runs fast, but is formed by a stray bullet.

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Quite a lot of units – more than ten – and, therefore, tactics may be very different. Moreover, the victory conditions vary – you can just all shoot, but you can be the first to capture the Central base. Or you can cut off the enemy from the statues, bringing the resource and ruin the companion cost – and then bust out all the guns.

Still the game uses landscape: vasavi in the mud a unit receives more damage, and hiding in sketchy woods – adds protection. If the defense can find a place on base that will treat your soldier – come, knock. Variants in Warbits really set; you only need to carefully read the rules, and tirelessly improvise. Spit on frontal fight, buy planes, download the assault and planted his right on the doorstep of someone else’s database – and to tidy her hands, while a formidable army forces the approach to your home.

From the main menu, no wonder half of the screen is reserved for multiplayer – single player campaign here, in fact, to warm up. In battles with other players and seen all the tactical potential of the game and your skill. Organize your matches directly through the hashtag – write #freefoall and it is clear that every man for himself. Or looking for allies – the 2×2 allows you to play side by side with a friend or just a random fellow from the Internet.

Warbits is about 230 rubles, but this price is considering launch sale – that is, over time, the game will rise in price. So here is a very rare variant, without the need to wait for the discounts – it’s already here, take it. And it is necessary to take such thoughtful, solid and simply cool games for mobile not so much.

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