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Why the Apple in the Apple logo is bitten?

Everyone knows the Apple logo Apple. The obvious choice of Apple – “Apple” in translation from English means “Apple”. But few know why is the Apple bitten. Who took the bite? What is the purpose? Does this make any sense?

First of all, let’s understand why for the name of the company, and accordingly for the logo used by Apple. Writes Pcmag, it was beaten in the very first Apple logo, which was created in 1976. Then one of the co-founders of the company – his name was Ronald Wayne drew the design, which was the first logo.

The first Apple logo

Logo created by Wayne, has nothing to do with the current. It was a miniature, which depicted Isaac Newton — English scientist, on whose head the Apple fell when it settled down to relax in the garden, then came an Epiphany. This idea was the basis for the choice of the name and logo of the company.

The logo though, and was informative, but had little in common with the usual requirements for logos. He was unrecognizable, wasn’t well suited for printing, for application to the products of the company. Therefore, the logo of the Wayne lasted for about a year after Steve jobs appealed to the graphic designer Rob ANOVA with a request to create a modern, recognizable logo.

Second the Apple logo

As told then Janov, the idea of the logo came as a surprise. Rob bought apples, put them in a bowl and began to draw, discarding unnecessary details. The result was an Apple, like a tomato or berry cherry. Had to make another bar to the Apple clearly recognized as Apple.

So there “adcus”. The idea came after the game, the words byte/bite (byte/bite): on the one hand, technology company working with information (bytes) with the other Apple that you can bite, then as the tomato you just cut.

However, the second logo is different from the present: it was made multicolor. This gave rise to many versions, the most common of which Apple supports sexual minorities.

But this is not true. Apple really supports the LGBT community, however, color logo was created for a year before a similar feature in the form of a rainbow was introduced as a symbol for sexual minorities. At the time of birth of the logo for Apple, this sign was not recognizable, so is irrelevant to LGBT people, he has not.

Then why the Apple was multi-colored?

The idea was very simple. At that time the market has just entered the colored monitors, and color the Apple logo was intended to reflect the fact that the company produces computers with color monitors. Computer display Mac at that time was able to display six different colors, which were specified in the logo. All the basic colors were placed randomly, but the green top – it was the wish of Steve jobs to Apple could add on top of the leaf, and it’s always green. As such, the logo lasted for 22 years.

Third the Apple logo

The third logo is devoid of color. And to do so invented the designer Jonathan Ive.

It happened in 1998. At the time Apple was experiencing huge financial difficulties. But Steve jobs figured out how to save the situation. He made a bet on elegance and simplicity. This was an order for a new logo: to make a recognizable elegance and simplicity.

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