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Pictar case turns your iPhone into a full-fledged camera [video]

Many users use iPhone as a primary device for photographing, as it is always at hand and does not occupy much space. This very popular variety of photographic accessories for your smartphone: removable lenses, remote controls, cases, tripods and much more.

The original invention was presented by the specialists of the company Miggo: a device called Pictar is a handle that turns the Apple smartphone into a kind of compact camcorder. According to the developers, this accessory will make your iPhone more convenient to use as a camera.

Pictar is a cover-plate on the lower part of which there is a binding for the holder. The holder has an ergonomic shape and a special system connected to iPhone. The developers abandoned the Bluetooth interface and took advantage of the fact that the phone’s microphone picks up the high frequency oscillations, so that commands are transmitted by encoding tonal range 18500-20000 Hz using an ultrasonic transducer. This allows you to increase the iPhone without recharging.

The good thing is how hard the creators of this holder came to recreating the qualities of these cameras. On top of the holder has a shutter release button, the lever “digital zoom”, the switch of style of photography or the shooting mode. Provided the shutter button with the focus function when pressed halfway down; the wheel is the exposure compensation; programmable wheel, which can be used, for example, to select the mode or SCN. Most of the functions Pictar unthinkable without branded app.

For several days the project has collected $ 50,000 on the site Kickstarter. Shipment of finished products the creators of the accessory promised to start in December if you collect $ 100,000. The minimum Deposit required to obtain Pictar, is $ 90. The novelty is compatible with iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5C, 5s, SE, 6 and 6s.

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