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On the screen some of the iPhone X has a green stripe

Some iPhone users X, sales of which began on 3 November 2017, notice the green strip with the edge of the OLED display. Edition MacRumorc reports of at least about 25 complaints.

The malfunctions appeared in social networks and on different forums. 25 defective screens — a very small percentage of the total number of sold iPhone X, so the problem cannot be called ambitious.

“On the right side of the screen goes bright green line. We noticed this when he launched a game app,” say the owners of smartphones.

When you first switch on all smartphones worked absolutely fine. Lines came later. The owners say they do not drop iPhone X and used vehicles in extreme conditions.

“The band came to the end of the first day of work,” they say.

Reboot or reset the gadget to factory settings not solve the problem. Most often a vertical green line appears from the right or from the left edge of the display, but may also occur closer to the center of the screen.

Among the damaged devices is the iPhone X different configurations. The device was bought in different countries of the world.

Users noted that Apple is changing the smartphone for free with detected strip. The Corporation specialists are trying to establish the cause of the problem.

Staff publications TechCrunch studied the screen of the iPhone X and found a new type of green podpisala that at high voltage form a continuous strip along the entire display.

Earlier a similar problem with OLED screens had Samsung Galaxy S7. Manufacturer Samsung Display confirmed that such problems can occur due to faulty equipment, and develops measures for the replacement of its elements.

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