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Users don’t trust the cameras TrueDepth in iPhone X

Apple introduced a camera system TrueDepth on iPhone X. Technology recognized breakthroughs of the year, but many users are still concerned about how secure it is.

Together with cameras TrueDepth, the company introduced a scanning system Face ID. She was replacing the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which is used in iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro to unlock and confirm purchases via Apple Pay. This is a very important biometric security system which in the future will migrate to other Apple devices.

The Corporation is confident in the safety of their technology, and all the contentious issues in advance described in the documentation of the Face ID. But access to the data from camera systems iPhone X has not only Apple, but also third-party developers. This worries many owners of smartphone.

The Washington Post wrote about the fact that people are unhappy that their faces will be able to scan other people’s applications.

The App Store has an app MeasureKit, which clearly shows how much data you can collect third-party developers using the camera system TrueDepth. The program creates a 3D map of the face, reads up to 52 micro-movements in it, including the blink or smirk.

Apple has a definite privacy policy, and the company insists that each developer that uses the camera TrueDepth, should have the same. This document must describe how third-party applications collect data and how they are used.

On the one hand, it might help. For example, in the case of large companies like Facebook, which Apple will be able to follow. On the other hand, there are many more small firms, to control which will be very hard. And who knows how they will use information obtained from cameras TrueDepth.

“It is not clear what applications will be able to learn about the users using TrueDepth camera. However, based on my experience, I can confidently say that if there is a similar tool, someone will take advantage, perhaps in pursuit of bad goals,” said Geoffrey Fowler, a journalist for The Washington Post

Such thoughts are a long time to excite people. When other manufacturers of gadgets will develop their own versions TrueDepth anxiety will only increase. Maybe by that time Apple will figure out a way to control the third-party software or tighten the test applications using the TrueDepth. In the meantime, people are in limbo and they will have to decide how a particular product is trustworthy.

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