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Last update Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is finally killed smartphones

Samsung issued a update for Galaxy Note 7, which renders the device unusable. Update force received from the owners of explosive gadgets in the USA.

The update has blocked the ability to charge your Galaxy Note 7, and connecting to mobile networks. This deprives the devices ability to function as a mobile phone, the company said. The software sent out this week.

The Verizon “deadly” was an update MMB29M.N930VVRS3APL2 and users of the South Korean smartphone received a notification and instructions on how to return the device.

“You won’t be able to charge the battery in this phone, – stated in the message received by the owners of the Galaxy Note 7. – Device will no longer perform the functions of the mobile phone after a full discharge”.

Samsung recommended to turn off the phone and “immediately take part in the program return the smartphone”. “This Galaxy Note 7 is retracted and locked on all flights in baggage and hand Luggage,” added the company.

In September last year, the South Korean company asked the owners of the Galaxy Note 7 with the recommendation to turn off and as soon as possible to exchange devices because there is the threat of overheating and fire. The reason was the defect in batteries made by one of the suppliers. However, in early October, Samsung has resumed sales of the device in South Korea. After phones of the new party began to explode in the hands of owners, the company announced the suspension of production of the Galaxy Note 7.

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According to Reuters, in the third quarter of the current year the company’s profit fell 30%. A decline in income associated with Samsung issues with Galaxy Note 7.

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