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10 channels, which is still possible to have a Telegram and come to success

The author of the channel “IT & media | the Executioner says” – with a short-list of recommendations for those who have not yet decided on a niche in the Telegram.

Three days ago on MacDigger published an article about fifteen channels, which is pointless to have in the Telegram. Some users thought that I listed all the topics that exist in the world.

Of course, it is not – there are a lot of empty categories, where either nobody came or went, but weakly.


1. Podcasts inside the Telegram – there is nothing easier than to make a channel with audio. Came up with a good idea – sat down, grabbed the “Record” button, dictate posted. I have seen such channels, but they are very few. It’s strange, given the clear trend on podcasts in Runet.

Three of the Council’s future Telegram-leader. First, try not to disappoint with the quality of Vaisov – for this you need to dictate with a computer microphone. Secondly, set yourself a limit on length, for example 3-5 minutes (this is not a classic podcast, 40 minutes is not needed here). Third, each voice message should be a short text announcement, otherwise the channel will begin to reject the dull appearance (just imagine – you come in, and there is some voice).

And one more little note. Those who think that voice messages – the last century, can cut video blog inside the telegram. There already have all the tools.

2. Anonymous channel about interesting profession – comes in 8 cases out of 10. Crane operators, surgeons, pathologists, military, chef, forensic scientists, prostitutes – there are a lot of fields, about which you can gather a few dozen stories to tell them every couple of days.

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Here for the triumph needs to be two factor.

The first is honesty: it is not necessary to invent all sorts of game, because you will quickly reveal.

Second – tolerant budget for promotion (30-50 thousand): to recognize you have to spend money on advertising, but, as a rule, then the growth comes organically, through word of mouth.

3. Channel discounts – everyone loves them. But we must go beyond the banal stock from AliExpress and bothered over the discount, about which few people know.

Shoppers reach for television sets as they compete to purchase retail items on Black Friday at a store in Sao Paulo, Brazil, November 24, 2016. REUTERS/Nacho Doce

The best example is the project of guys who every day gather information about the alcohol tastings in St. Petersburg and Moscow. Thanks to these guys it is possible not to spend money on drinks – just read about promotions and to advance in the different bars of the city. Not surprisingly, their channel is growing at a remarkable pace.

4. Travel – theme travel has not yet outlived. But! Forget about the channel in the spirit of “Cheap air flights every day” – this good in bulk telegram. Need is practical information about travel: the best locations various cities, the most useful accessories for camping, incredibly cool pictures from trips and other exclusive.

5. Channel about politics – before the election, there are huge chances to get the audience.

Very sad to admit it, but now (though, probably, as always) any more or less meaningful and reasoned post about politics makes readers mad desire to debate, argue, insult, get angry and so on.

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Therefore, your posts will forward on a personal, chat rooms and other channels, and always with a different message – from “that idiot” to “I agree with every letter”.

Tiny life hack: don’t hide behind anonymity. Unnamed slag and so enough – it is better to write of myself, but sincerely, clearly and boldly.

6. A channel about fraud – they are already available, but there is still low competition. The task of the author – each day track scheme divorce, from cybercrime (e.g., fake “savings. Online”) to social engineering. Again – the sooner you publish information about the deception scenario, the more coverage you will get your recording.

7. A channel about bodybuilding, fitness and weight loss – here all is simple. Kachkovomu of the projects within the telegram on 90% consist of dull copy-paste the first links of Google, and naphthalene memes of the patsanski of the pages in “Vkontakte”.

Conclusion: if you post only relevant proprietary information, you can easily become a legend in this niche.

But it is important to competently approach the design not to overload the tape no text, no pictures, no VIDOS. This balance largely depends on the capacity of the channel.

And another tip: once you collect the first decent audience (200-300 people), make the chat in the channel – so you have very loyal readers.

8. The channel about the bookmaker – it is about them, not about the stupid bet. Now free predictions trades every second student, but information on reliable BC quite a bit. Is the main channel about these offices, but they have virtually no competition – consider that the niche is free.

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Will have to dive into a topic and answer a bunch of interesting questions.

And exactly where will not be thrown? Where would you slice the expense? Where are the best odds? Where is the biggest bet? And where is the most convenient mobile app?

And of those, even in bulk – it is possible to write in the channel at least every day, because you are guaranteed to be read by those who believe that someday will break bookmakers.

9. The channel is about science – but with two conditions.

First – it is desirable that information from the channel was not at least in the Russian language, as a maximum – in the Runet. People are missing the unique texts.

The second condition is necessary to write about complex phenomena so earnestly, brightly and excitedly, as if telling a close friend about the best sex of my life (by the way, channels sex, too little crime).

10. Channel about the dill – in Russia, her love, humble.

Disasters, fires, floods, murders, suicides, beatings – here is a list of key tags.

To inspire, tell a little story: six months ago the channel “Who died today?” gathered more than 100 followers within half a day, although the link posted only one 15-strong group in VK. Then the channel turned down and no one revived – you can grab an idea, implement it and regularly report on the deaths of famous people.

Tough, but popular.

PS Yes, I know that for most topics will need special knowledge. But no one promised it would be easy.

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