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According to a new patent application Apple iPhone will get support for Apple Pencil

Many Apple fans would like to work with Pencil on the Apple iPhone. A new patent application confirms that the company is still working to implement this possibility.

Basic principles of interaction proprietary stylus Corporation with a smartphone is described in a patent application filed in the patent and trademark office. Several similar patents already appeared in the network earlier. One of them was seen almost a year ago. Moreover, the Tim cook said that by using “pencil” designed for iPad Pro, you can do on the iPhone.

In the latest patent describes the working principle of Apple Pencil touch screen smartphone. Or rather how the display will react to the touch of the stylus.

On one of the schemes discovered by Patently Apple, shows the iPhone connected with the “pencil” with the help of the wire. However, Apple also thinned that the device can be connected to each other via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.

All this suggests that by at least considering the introduction of stylus support in their smartphones.

Users just have to wait. Maybe soon iPhone owners will be able to create notes using a proprietary stylus. However, many patented Apple technologies and remain on paper.

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