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Today Steve jobs would have turned 62 years

February 24, 2017, would have turned 62 years old Steve jobs, founder of Apple the most expensive company in history. Jobs had a huge influence on the development of the computer industry and became a role model for many entrepreneurs around the world.

Steve jobs is, without doubt, an extraordinary man, about him and his company says a lot. More his name is connected with legends and the varied interpretations of the events of his life and what effect certain facts of the biography of the founder of Apple had on their future success. Let’s recall the events of childhood, adolescence and starting a business jobs.

In the right place at the right time

Steve jobs — the adopted child, which because of family and financial problems refused his biological parents, Jandali a Syrian Abulfat and a native of Wisconsin Joan Sible Simpson. Colleagues and close friends of Steve jobs and his biographer Walter Isaacson is credited with this kind of trauma Steve his maniacal desire to control everything, to be first at everything and to achieve perfection.

Steven was adopted by mechanic Paul jobs and his wife, the daughter of Armenian immigrants Clara Ahonen. When he was in elementary school, his father’s service was transferred to Silicon valley branch in Palo Alto, and family, settled near jobs in Sunnyvale where to live cost a little cheaper. Here in the valley, bill Hewlett and Dave Packard founded in the garage of computer giant HP, it housed research center NASA, here is the Dean of engineering faculty, Stanford has allocated 300 hectares of University land to high-tech companies could start mass production and development students. Nearby, in mountain view, a little later, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore founded Intel. In other words, Steve jobs grew up in the place of concentration of the most advanced computer technology.

The father instilled in his son a love of engineering and introduced Stephen with computers, in which he immediately fell in love.

A brilliant child

Jobs was undoubtedly a gifted child, however, he did not sistemotekhnika a genius like Steve Wozniak, or a computer programmer like bill Atkinson, the developer of the first graphics software for the Macintosh.

He soon learned to read, but when I went to school, in his own words, the pressure he felt there, almost repulsed him hunt study. Stephen did a lot of hooligans, and for the three years of his studies, he had several times removed from the school. Adoptive parents since childhood taught jobs the idea that he was special to cope with the consequences of the fact that he was abandoned biological parents, and they themselves believed it, so the father was always protecting little Steven and accused the teachers of his unwillingness to learn.

Jobs was lucky the teacher of the class, where he was transferred, Imogen hill saw it as a professional challenge and using “bribes” in the form of huge lollipops, increased attention to it, and the kits “Do it yourself” returned Stephen’s interest in learning.

In the end, at the end of the fourth grade, he passed the exams at the level of a tenth of that even more assured of jobs and others for exclusivity.

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The Director suggested to his parents to transfer him immediately for the next two years, in seventh grade, to maintain the child’s interest in learning, but they agreed to pass only one year. But even this cautious decision was erroneous.

Modern studies of the phenomenon of child prodigies show that teachers unconsciously pay more gifted children much more attention than the rest of the class, resulting in the difference in development is intensifying. So it was with jobs, who took most of the attention Imogen hill. The difference in the age of the children, even a year is a significant factor affecting differences in the level of their overall development. The backlog of the child from the average because of their age reinforces his perception of themselves as underdeveloped or outcast and determines all its subsequent development.

Jobs wasn’t lucky even more: a high school in which he moved as the result of skip year, located in the tenderloin.

Stephen was attacked by hooligans and a year in the categorical form has demanded to transfer him to another school in a more expensive area, because of what parents faced with a serious financial problem.

Of course, childhood and school life of Steve jobs has had on a significant impact, with research in contemporary cognitive psychology, are summarized Daniel Golman in his monograph “Emotional intelligence”, suggests that this period of life has revealed and developed personality of the future founder of Apple, originally inherent in it. Temper, inability to compromise, to postpone gratification and pleasure is a bad quality for a businessman. While I was in school, it was clear that jobs was able to “read” other people, to establish communication with them and had the gift of persuasion. He was able to persuade classmates to literally give him the shirt, says his teacher.

In high school, HOMESTEAD, jobs found his smart friends who were interested in math and electronics, but in addition to this “counter-cultural stuff” and drugs, such as LSD. Jobs continued to misbehave, but now all of his jokes were related to electronics. In 15 years, jobs tried marijuana.

Jobs’s neighbor, Larry lang, has led Steven to HP, where he met the first mini-computers. Even then jobs began to show his ability to get anything you want. To get parts for his school project — a digital frequency meter, he called directly to bill Hewlett, who gave him the details and arranged to work at the factory HP on the conveyor. There Stephen very quickly found a common language with the engineers and learned from them a lot.

The first illegal business

A classmate of Steve jobs at HOMESTEAD introduced him to Steve Wozniak. Wozniak was lonely because his peers had other interests. He was the first friend jobs, who understood electronics better than him and also loved this kind of stuff with electronics, besides their musical tastes coincided, so they quickly agreed.

Despite the fact that Wozniak was pathologically honest good man and did not tolerate lies, this has not prevented them, in fact, engage in music piracy, rycerstwa (hacking telephone systems for free calls) and what is now called telephone terrorism.

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After reading the article in Esquire magazine about hacker John Draper aka Captain Crunch, my friends decided to play his instrument — the “blue box” (blue box) for supplying tone signals that control the switches of telephone networks of AT&T. as of this round, they had the idea to call to the Vatican on behalf of the U.S. Secretary of state Henry Kissinger.

The fact that they are not planted, is one of a series of great successes that accompanied Steven jobs ‘ life.

Jobs figured out how to sell it for $150 scheme, collected by Wozniak. They managed to sell about 100 “blue boxes” to students, and only meet the real bandit, who was one of the buyers, stopped friends. Jobs, Wozniak believe that without the “blue box” would not be Apple, but it would be a convincing argument to the court at that time?

Product hippie fashion

University reed, the only one that Steve jobs worthy of his attention, he quickly realizes that most of the lectures uninteresting. Most useful for him, in his opinion, was a calligraphy class where he instilled a love of serif typefaces and minimalist.

Later beautiful fonts will become one of the strengths of the graphic interface of the Apple Macintosh.

In Ried Stephen Buddha, often took LSD, became fructarians (ate mostly carrots and apples) and quite long lived in the sect on the Apple farm of his friend and spiritual mentor, which subsequently disappointed.

Steve jobs believed that this period of his life was of great importance for Apple, helped him to form his taste, but rather what he liked at this time, it was the result of his taste.

Experiences of jobs by this time it was much richer than any average person, and deserved interest. For a businessman it is important to have a broad Outlook and great experience to understand what kind of product people need, but is it possible to say that the experience was a hippie so necessary for understanding what small businesses need an Apple II spreadsheet VisiCalc?

From this period, jobs also made it a habit to walk barefoot for a long time not to wash and not get a haircut, and also not to admit that fructarians stink in the same way as those who consume meat and pastries. To make it look decent his business partners were only able to after quite a long time after Apple became a multi-million dollar Corporation.

Study the business

Jobs himself believed that learned from her time in the company Atari the idea of simplicity of a product for the mass market, similar to games like Pong where there is only one task — to repel the ball, and “Star trek” — to shoot the Klingons.

In fact, the main event of this period was the meeting with Ron Wayne, who previously had a company that had experience in business and bankruptcy. He became a model for jobs and helped me understand what he wants from life — his own company.

Wayne, being an experienced businessman, could not be better shows how risky the investment of effort, resources and money were jobs at that time. He got rid of 10% stake in Apple, even when Apple I already brought in the income, as I didn’t want to run from creditors, when their easy companionship with jobs and Wozniak meet for the debts with all its assets, will go bankrupt. And in those conditions he was absolutely right.

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To predict Apple’s success was then impossible.

“Shuttle diplomacy”, which consists in obtaining a loan for delivery to the store under warranty redemption party Apple II, Atari was a very risky gamble. Especially when you consider that the product was changing on the fly, from payment for computer geeks to a fully ready device to a wider audience of enthusiasts, and then for small companies.

The garage in Palo Alto

At the end of 2014 on the Internet, a wave of publications related to the fact that Wozniak called the famous garage where Apple was born, a myth. It is unknown why this has caused such a stir, after all for anybody not a secret that Wozniak developed the Apple I in the laboratories of HP, as for that there was all the necessary support. Moreover, as an employee of HP, he first suggested that the computer circuits of his Corporation and only after the failure gave them the Apple. The garage was more of a hangout place, meetings with partners and discuss issues and plans for the future.

Part of the amount necessary parts, gave a high school friend of jobs ‘and his father, and the Assembly of the first batch of Apple I held in my parents ‘house jobs’, and it attracted relatives and friends.

The study of the biography of Steve jobs provides an understanding of how charismatic he was and how it affected the perception of his company’s success. Apple cannot be understood in isolation from jobs, what he did and how he lived, and therein lies the biggest illusion for those who take their life of Steve jobs as a role model. Apple is a unique case, an incredible coincidence, a series of rare successes. Often, the company came out dry from the water thanks to the genius of Steve jobs, and contrary. The likelihood of Apple’s success was insignificant chance of repeating the success of Apple is insignificant in the square.

Theatre named after Steve jobs

In April of this year Apple will open the Apple campus, Park, conceived by Steve jobs as the center of creativity and collaboration that turns miles of asphalt into a verdant island in the middle of the valley of Santa Clara. Paying tribute to his memory, his unconditional contribution to the development of Apple and the influence he has had on the whole world, conference hall Apple campus Park will be named the Theatre of a name of Steve jobs.

The entrance to the auditorium with 1,000 seats is a glass cylinder with a height of 6 meters and a diameter of 50 meters, the roof of which is made of carbon fiber. Theatre named Steve jobs is on top of a hill — one of the most elevated points in the territory of Apple Park, which offers views of the Park area and the main building of the campus.

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