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The US said “persistently high” level of piracy in Russia

Global intellectual property center U.S. chamber of Commerce (GIPC) announced the deterioration of the situation with intellectual property in Russia. The basis for this assessment was a number of reasons, including the increase in the consumption of pirated software.

GIPC fifth year is “Roots of innovation”, which evaluates the world’s largest economy according to the indicators relating to intellectual property. In 2017 (like last year) the first three places in the ranking are the USA, UK and Germany. Russia was on the 23 items from between the UAE and Turkey. Last year Russia was on the 20th place.

One of the weak points in the field of intellectual property in Russia GIPC calls piracy in the area of online content and consumer goods. As noted in the organization, the level of piracy in Russia “steadily high”. For example, the consumption of illegal software has increased compared to 2013 (64% vs. 62% in 2013).

According to the Ombudsman in the field of intellectual property Anatoly Semenov, the findings of the GIPC in respect of copyright in the Russian Federation are not new.

“The findings of Captain Obvious: if you do not give to unload the torrent movies, then people will go buy the movie tickets,” said the Ombudsman.

Semenov also did not agree with the GIPC that the strengthening of copyright protection in the Internet will increase the amount of content produced by Internet users. As the Russian judicial practice, says Semenov, stricter copyright protection leads to a restriction of content, as many are shooting with background music and use pictures.

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“As a result, the citation becomes dangerous, will not understand, where is the line,” said the Ombudsman, adding that in the domestic market of the U.S. copyright laws are treated more gently, but the United States demands from other countries not to weaken the protection of copyright.

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