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The vulnerability of Samsung smartphones allows you to reset them to factory settings one message

The Samsung smartphone has a security vulnerability which allows you to reset the device to factory settings with a single message. Xakep it is reported with reference to the report of research company Context Information Security.

The experts told in detail about a number of problems that have been discovered by them in devices of the South Korean brand. According to them, the Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4 can be reset to the factory configuration (simultaneously destroying user data) with the help of a normal text message. The attack is based on flaws of Android, so the vulnerabilities are likely to pose a threat and for gadgets from other manufacturers.

Problems associated with the use of WAP messages. After receiving such message Samsung came immediately executes the command, the user does not even need to click on any links and any download.

Experts have combined two vulnerabilities to perform remote DoS attack on Samsung smartphones, which eventually leads to a reset to factory settings on narutomania devices. Users of rooted devices can get rid of the malicious configuration file using adb by deleting default_ap.conf.

The breach of security affected models: Samsung Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S4. On newer devices like the Galaxy S6 and S7, are not affected. “Given that traversal this attack is not difficult, you don’t need a rich imagination to imagine the potential rent-seeking scenario involving these bugs,” said the experts.

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