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Appeared in the sale of black AirPods

Studio BlackPods invited the lovers of Apple technology the new color scheme of brand headset wireless AirPods. The company has altered headphones, offering a model in the new black.

The project, according to its creators, aims to rid the owners of AirPods from the dull and monotonous hue, help to emphasize their individuality, while remaining the owner of the wireless headphone Apple. Paying relatively small money, you can become the owner of AirPods in black color.

The dyeing process is done manually AirPods specialists BlackPods. The company has developed a special three-step system for coating a surface of the accessory. This same technology, as stated, Apple gets colour on the original headphones.

Currently BlackPods only works in the USA. You send your AirPods and a few days get quite a budget modding of the device.

Painting cost AirPods in black is $ 99. To get ready headphones have BlackPods can for $ 249.

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