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Apple has released a promotional video of the new streaming music service Apple Music

On Monday Apple held a presentation of a new streaming music service, dubbed Apple Music. On the official Apple channel in YouTube advertising appeared the video, on the new streaming service.

Apple say that Apple Music will combine in itself the functions of a streaming service, online music store and social network. Thus, the service gives possibility for free to listen to via Internet radio stations, or individual tracks, buy any track and share their own musical preferences. In addition, the company intends to update its free Radioservice, inviting in the air leading DJs, including the station BBC 1, and arranging the transfer of copyright with the stars as the leading.

The launch of the service is scheduled for June 30. The subscription will cost $10 monthly, with the first three months it can be tested for free. Apple Music will be compatible with iOS devices, Mac, Apple TV, and computers with Windows and Android.

Statistics show that the average cost of 110 million people, smachiwausa music on iTunes last year, was only $30 for 12 months, and some analysts believe that to convince users to spend $120 a year on Apple Music will be a challenge.

In addition, according to the sources, Apple has not yet signed a final agreement with the three largest music companies — Universal Music, Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group is on the provision of streaming music. Industry experts expect that the agreement will soon be achieved, otherwise the timing of the announcement about the launch of the service can be transferred.

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Among other potential problems analysts have identified the possibility of reducing the revenue from Apple downloading songs, as well as those who previously purchased music on iTunes, will now be able to listen to it online. According to sources, the company is ready for such a development and even welcomed it, as the new model offers even greater revenue for both Apple and the recording companies.

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