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Apple has patented facial recognition technology

Experts of the company Apple is testing a new feature flagship smartphone iPhone 8 — 3D face scanner on Friday, reports Bloomberg. According to the publication, it will replace the technology of fingerprint recognition Touch ID.

On the eve of the presentation of the iPhone 8 in a network appears more and more rumors about the fingerprint scanner in the new smartphone Apple, or rather what technology to chose in Cupertino. According close to Corporation sources, the next-generation smartphone, likely quite lose this function: to change Touch ID coming technology of facial recognition.

Recent Apple’s patent application has confirmed that the technology can run on personal computers of the company. From the description it follows that the system is in low power mode, as long as the sensors do not “see” the face, and then activated the facial recognition technology.

In the document Apple developers describe several variants of this technology. For example, tracking how far the user is from the device, it may go into “sleep mode” to save battery power.

It is reported that Apple are currently testing a new feature on the iPhone 8 prototype, which will be presented in September. It is expected that the smartphone will have a 3D sensor-camera, with which the owner of the device will be able to log in to your account, to authenticate payments and securely run applications. The technology also will be able to scan the user’s face within a few hundred milliseconds and unlock the phone, even if the owner had not got his hands on it (for example, left lying on the table).

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In addition, there are suggestions that Apple is testing a scanning system of the retina to widen the possibilities of new technology.

Recently, network sources said that вApple have not decided where to place the Touch ID in the new iPhone, and OLED-technology of fingerprint recognition is still under development.

According to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, a new model iPhone with an OLED screen will not support the fingerprint recognition, because in the Apple plan to switch to unemployed design in their smartphones. Thus, to place it on the face of the device simply not be possible.

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