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A new case of the explosion of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7: the damage was estimated at 90 000 [photo]

A few days ago Samsung acknowledged the existence of problems with batteries in the Galaxy Note 7, which the company has suspended production and delivery of the phablet and started the program in his opinion. Until September 1, it was observed 35 cases of explosion of Galaxy Note 7, but now known even about one incident. Damage is caused only to property of the victim, the user is left unharmed.

A new case of spontaneous combustion Galaxy Note 7 have occurred in Australia. According to the victim, he left his mobile charging at 2:00 on the bedside Cabinet and went to bed. He woke up from a loud Bang early in the morning and saw that the smartphone is lit.

Seeing that the Galaxy Note 7 is in flames, the user who calls himself Crushader, grabbed a pillow and used it to put out a fire. Any burns he received. The explosion of the housing unit melted. The phone can not be restored, to remove the SIM card and microSD card also fails.

The victim said that is in business trip in the Australian city of Perth and during the incident was in his hotel room. The hotel put his account on 1800 Australian dollars (about 90 000).

Crushader contacted the local Samsung representative and told that used the original charger and cable. It turned out that this is the first incident in Australia. The company promised to replace free of charge the smartphone. Samsung has also agreed to fully compensate the damage caused to the hotel’s Galaxy Note 7.

Earlier, Samsung had acknowledged a problem with the battery of its flagship smartphones, which stopped production and launched a recall program. According to the media, for the most part the Galaxy Note 7 used battery subsidiary Samsung SDI Samsung: about 70% of the outstanding phablet. Another 30% of the total amount received in the sale of Galaxy Note 7 was equipped with Chinese battery manufacturer Amperex Technology Limited (ATL). Sources say that after the detection of defects of the battery in the Galaxy Note 7, the company ceased use of products tabletag own “daughter”.

According to analysts ‘ estimates, the return and replacement of the Galaxy Note 7 could cost Samsung $1 billion.

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