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The release of the first Nintendo mobile app scheduled for March

Japanese Nintendo, last spring, promised to start production of games for smartphones, today announced the timing of the release of its first mobile application. It comes Miitomo messenger that allows users to communicate with each other through virtual characters Mii. CEO Tatsumi Kimishima confirmed that the app is in the works and will be in stores in March of this year.

Miitomo will be a cross between a game in which you need to grow a virtual pet, and instant messenger. Gamers have to answer questions of their own animated avatars, Miis, and their dialogue will be visible to other people.

“Another unique feature Miitomo is that you can find out about your friends what did not know before, or suddenly find the similarity, because Miitomo can choose a topic that you normally don’t discuss, but ready to give an answer,” said Nintendo President.

“Friends with the help of drawn characters that actually look like your friends, will be very different from the traditional text-based correspondence,” added Isao Moriyasu, Director of the DeNa, the partner company of Nintendo.

Miitomo release is scheduled for the first month of spring. On which platforms will the app, the company said. It is known that the game will be distributed for free but with in-app purchases. Among other things, Miitomo can get five built-in mini-games that can be played by users.

Miitomo — the first of five games for smartphones, Nintendo planned to run until March 2017. When will the next app, the company said.

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