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Russian retailers offered to open some of the packages from abroad to fight counterfeiting

The Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) offers custom start to open parcels from overseas, to identify and destroy counterfeit products. About it reports “Kommersant” with reference to the President of the Association of retailers Alexey Fedorov. AKITA offers with the aim to open at customs not less than 5% of the parcels.

AKITA (unites the largest Russian retailers, including Ozon, Lamoda, Media Markt, re:Store, “220”, M. Video, Svyaznoy, Sportmaster, Eldorado, “Hardware”) will negotiate with the Federal customs service (FCS) that is not less than 5% of parcels from abroad were opened and checked for counterfeit. Currently, the FCS checks the packages through x-ray machine. If an employee is suspected that in sending there is something forbidden (drugs or something), then the shipment can be opened in the presence of witnesses.

“The consumer should not be punished: he could not know that buying counterfeit. In this case, is called the representative of the manufacturer for examination, and, if it is determined a fake, the thing is confiscated and destroyed. And then the consumer is dealing with who sold him the goods”, — explained the initiative of Fedorov AKITA. If the seller is not in the Russian jurisdiction, the organization plans to achieve its punishment in accordance with local and international regulations.

CEO of eBay in Russia Vladimir Dolgov believes that this initiative will lead to additional burden on customs and value growth services for buyers. According to him, the platforms themselves can fight against counterfeiting — in particular, on eBay after complaints on counterfeit products, the seller’s account is blocked and money on its Deposit burned.

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In Russia for the sale of counterfeit goods provides for administrative and criminal liability. Illegal use of a trademark involves fines up to 200,000 rubles and destruction of products, criminal liability may occur in the form of imprisonment or correctional labour for two years.

The AKITA will begin negotiations with the Federal customs service with participation of “mail of Russia” on January 20.

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