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Top best hidden features in iOS 10

On Apple’s official website said not all the features of the new iOS 10. There are many not obvious opportunities, which could significantly make life easier for the owner of the iPhone and iPad. So before you moan about the lack of jailbreak, you should be familiar with all the functionality of the platform.

MacDigger offers a list of the most interesting hidden features in iOS 10, which hidden deep inside the software of the new OS.

1. Search Safari tabs

The Safari browser in iOS 10 allows you to open unlimited number of tabs. They can be easily lost, but it turns out that the program makes it easy to find the right tab.

Turn the gadget in landscape mode (this feature does not work in portrait), and then hit the tab button (top right). There will be a new search box in the upper left corner. Enter search terms and Safari will filter tab, but only the headers, not the content of the web pages.

2. The function “magnifying glass” will turn iPhone into a magnifying glass

Want to make the world around you closer? It is sufficient to use the new function of iOS 10. Apple has built into OS the best magnifying glass in all applications. Magnification provides clear and quality picture.

In order to activate the appropriate option, you need to go to Settings –> General –> accessibility –> Magnifier. Here you need to click the toggle switch opposite the item. Then three quick clicks of the Home button will allow you to use the iPhone camera to quickly magnify objects.

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The slider on the screen above the shutter button allows you to zoom in and zoom out. Press the shutter button to make a freeze-frame. Then you can customize the color of the image using the icon in the lower right corner.

3. A new kind of stopwatch

Apple added in iOS 10 the alternative option stopwatch in Clock app. To access it, just go to the counter and to swipe from right to left. Do you have a new stopwatch in the style of Apple Watch, which is more informative than the standard.

4. Change the boot order of applications

If you press with force on the application icon that is downloaded or updated, a menu appears with the option of a priority load. This option moves the app to the first place in the list of downloads, and it will be installed or upgraded first.

5. Sorting frequently used categories of letters

If in the mail settings by swipe to the left you have the function “to Move”, thanks to machine learning the app will begin to offer different categories of messages. For example, “Coupons and discounts”.

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