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Rabbids Crazy Rush – the crazy runner with bunnies

In the middle of the two thousandth somehow it turned out that the main driving force of the old Reiman was not himself Reiman, and related friends: those crazy rabbits, which at the time blew up the dance floor – little who does not remember two collections of mini-games of Rayman Raving Rabbids. Eared choleric predetermined path of cinematic minions – the rabbit army was separated from my monitor and now rude alone: for example, under the simple but striking runner Rabbids Crazy Rush.

A long way starts with a small, but great the madness – from the microscopic reasons for this: one of the rabbits knocked over a jar of energy (probably more than one, and not even the tenth), and its beginning to feel sick. In normal games, this wouldn’t be a premise for the whole work, but do not forget where we are – so the result is a complex logical permutations rabbit set off in pursuit of the other jars – apparently deciding that a wedge a wedge. Manage the hairy beast will, of course, you.

The mechanics are in runneresque obvious: the swipe to the side to avoid collision with obstacles, up and down, when necessary, forgive me, up and down. Obstacles are quite varied: in particular, there are surf boards, placed vertically, inflatable trampoline and a mini car. Not to finish the voyage for the jars ahead of time, it is necessary to actively use the spinal cord – to monitor landscape change, grab rocket boosters, to conquer the airspace (almost all of the game – out of asphalt) and, of course, furiously snapping your fingers – in the later levels your nails will draw breakdance.

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As usually happens with runners, motivation in Rabbids Crazy Rush is extremely simple but effective – you are constantly asked to do something important, to finish the level. To collect 40 cans to go 300 meters on plenere, to soar into the air ten times. When the condition is fulfilled – that is an unexpected detail! – the game will be credited with the win, not allowing to continue the race. All this is done, of course, not only for high scores and self-esteem, but for the sake of costumes.

Here you find – for example, the game will immediately offer over 40 of the plunger (local currency) to dress up in “Captain underpants”. If the plunger is not enough, you will have to pay banks: over 800 pieces, you will have one detail from the suit. All their several kinds, and the best are not only pleasing to the eye, but also bring tangible benefits to “circuit” – for example, allow you to break all barriers, greatly easing the passage. And don’t forget that this is a game from Ubisoft so if you have always wanted to dress up Bunny in the uniform of the protagonist of Watch Dogs 2, before your chance of a lifetime.

Which will cost… nothing? Actually, no – the game is free, but we all understand what’s behind it: over time, Rabbids Crazy Rush and soft paw pressed against the throat and not the rabbit will be asked to fork out. Well, until that sad moment – a beautiful runner with a hyperactive and charismatic animals because that is pleasing to the eye: bright graphics, funny characters, many levels of varying degrees of madness.

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