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Everpix – Wallpapers for iOS 8: a collection of beautiful Wallpapers

If you already for the second year on the main screen flaunts no doubt wonderful, but potatoesa picture of the cosmos, and to put on a headband selfie from the bathroom you are not going, then it’s time to decide. Optimal variant – a collection of Wallpapers filled with beautiful photographs and drawings. After all, a good saver – though a trifle, but pleasant – always, agree, great to see a good image on the screen of your phone. With this task perfectly cope app Everpix – Wallpapers for iOS 8.

Outset: the. and people with retarded ignition can not be frightened: the program is the initial version of iOS 7. Just on iOS 8 everything will be prettier and prettier. Keep this in mind.
So, Everpix is a collection of images of various degrees of beauty. At this point the application operates with 500+ images, but the list is constantly updated – installing the program once, you will provide a constant flow of new “wallpapered”.

The pictures are divided into categories, making a total of 14: there are both popular “cars”, “cities” and “sports” and unexpected “abstract”, “holidays” and others. Quite convenient – no need to scroll through endless Pak pictures, in search of, say, skies of London or a long kiss. All this is split into parts.

Any image can be added to favorites and, of course, save – then future headpiece will be sent in your photo archive. Look for her there. What is interesting here is the preview – clicking on the image, you will see how it will look on your home screen and lock screen. Indeed, a great feature is that not every program will meet.

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The pictures are just awesome. The authors have selected the best and this is evident from some of the shots are simply breathtaking. Especially fascinating landscapes of the cosmos – and beg to the home screen.

In addition, Everpix offers to obtain VIP status. Contrary to expectations, it’s free (no payments) – you provide your email and you get the message. Tell, for example, exclusive Wallpapers, which will be available for a limited amount of time. Only have time to download.

Everpix is the app free. Periodically, pop-up ads (where without it), but hardly more often, than in other similar programs. But the functions, which have no competitors and lightweight application (14 MB) make Everpix excellent choice. So, now you know where to go if you want to change the boring Intro.

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