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The President of “Liaison”: Apple responds very well to the realities of the Russian market

The President of “Coherent” Touch Michael commented on the new strategy of the company and shared his views on the future of the mobile market in Russia. IPhone sales in the country reduced by more than a third, however, the Apple correctly responds to the realities of the market, said a top Manager.

“Sales for iPhone 5 months fell by approximately 35%, but that was expected, especially after the hype of the fourth quarter, when the company sold more than 1 million smartphones,” said Touch. Apple responds very well to the realities of the market – for example, in June, beginning in Russia, sales of so-called restored phones. They are significantly cheaper than new models, about 30%, and the quality is not worse, and they have a 1 year warranty”.

Touch told that some users pass the iPhone under warranty, after which smartphones are being taken to the Foxconn factory, where they restore, remedy the defect, plus change the body and glass. In Russia such devices sell with a note “as new” and 10-12 thousand cheaper than the original models. The head of “Coherent” believes it is the right decision for Apple. “I think this is the perfect solution for the current market situation. We sell them for a few weeks, but we see more and more popular, he said.

Michael Touch believes Xiaomi serious competitor to Apple. At the moment the retailer is negotiating with the company to start selling devices in the Russian market.

“First of all, Xiaomi is a very high quality technology, its own ecosystem, which they are constantly refining. A lot of funny “chips”, for example, when you want to do a selfie, the camera looks at you and informs your age – and it will depend on how rapidly you spent yesterday evening. And such a lot of things. But the most important part – the price. The quality is not worse Xiaomi products, which cost more than 25 000 rubles, but the price that we expect will be significantly lower,” the President said.

As for predictions, then, according to the Touch, the smartphone market in Russia will fall by at least 12-15% in volume terms and 10% in cash. Sales of tablets will decrease by 15-20% and 35-40%, respectively.

“We also have to understand that in this market we will make money on new products. When the phone is already 4-5 months, it’s much harder to make, because the market is already filled, and everyone starts to get rid of wastewater,” said Touch. Autumn sale will spur the release of a number of new products from Apple and Samsung, he added.

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