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QuickerTek announced the world’s first solar charging for 12-inch MacBook

The battery life is one of the main problems of modern gadgets. Of course, this has a positive effect on the incomes of producers of different accessories, like external batteries, cases with an extra battery and other things. The company QuickerTek has tried to solve the problem, presenting the world’s first battery charger for 12-inch MacBook powered by solar energy.

Foldable panel titled “30 Watt 2015 Type-C MacBook Solar Panel” is a thin and lightweight solar panel. Once the user connects it to a MacBook, she immediately begins to charge the internal battery of the laptop.

Thus, to charge the portable computer in any bright location, saving the time and not thinking about how to adapt closer to the outlet. As for the speed of charging, the manufacturer claims that the laptop is charging as fast as the adapter supplied by Apple.

The portability of the MacBook Solar Panel is its key feature. Dimensions of the gadget are 280 x 165 mm, weight 590 g. the Device is sold on the website of the company at a price of about $ 400.

In addition to solar charging, QuickerTek releases external batteries for the MacBook. This battery adds 6-8 hours to the battery life of the laptop, and it can charge using the standard charger from Apple. This accessory will cost $300.

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