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The failure of Apple from the iPod shuffle marked the end of the era of physical buttons

Last week it became known that Apple takes from sales of players iPod nano and iPod shuffle. Without any communications, the Corporation has removed the older players from the official website, leaving fans only iPod touch sixth generation.

Abandoning the old players may seem a logical step for Apple, quite often takes off sales of the device, which was fulfilled a few years, and on change which came later. However, the iPod shuffle is much more complicated. The completion of the sales of the player will mark the end of an era of physical buttons on Apple’s mobile devices. Indeed, for the last 12 years, the design of the iPod shuffle remained unchanged, and the player was the only push-button gadget Corporation.

It is noteworthy that for all time of its existence, Apple has not changed the appearance of the simplest player in their Arsenal. Compact, with multiple physical controls and even without a display — this player focused solely on listening to music, which the user would not distract absolutely nothing. the iPod shuffle was created so that the user can in any situation — in the dark, and the subway, the plane — despite the device, turn on your favorite music and enjoy listening to.

From the point of view of marketing it is easy to understand Apple’s decision to abandon further sales of the iPod shuffle. In a world where the iPhone can replace almost the entire kit needed for modern devices, there is no need to support the production of cheap player that, everything else obsolete and is equipped with a 3.5 mm audio connector.

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However, for users for whom the iPod shuffle was the product that introduced them to Apple more than a decade ago, the cessation of sales of the player means the end of an era.

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