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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 2G: as for 8 years has changed the most popular smartphone in the world

This week marks 8 years since the release of the first iPhone. MacDigger offers to see how changed the best-selling smartphone in the world during this time.

First iPhone, best remembered as the iPhone 2G, was presented in 2007 at MacWorld. He had an aluminum back panel and a small plastic cover in the bottom of the housing closed GSM antenna receiver and wifi/Bluetooth. Apple has been able to combine its smartphone all phone capability, music player and PDA.

Over the years, the iPhone has displaced the market of former market leaders Nokia and Blackberry failed to adapt to changed realities. Microsoft was lucky: its core business is not related to the release of mobile phones and now the company is frantically trying to adapt to the new conditions.

Profit from iPhone sales make up more than 90% quarterly earnings of all smartphone manufacturers, and each new model becomes the leader in total revenue.

For the first quarter in 2007, Apple has sold a total of about 270 000 smartphones. Three months after the launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the company sold more than 74 million of their phones. But some sales do not show the full picture – from a technical point of view the iPhone over the years has gone far ahead.

It’s no secret that Apple founder Steve jobs has never been focused on the technologies that underlie the iPhone. Instead, he focused on what the device can offer the person. Even today, the iPhone 6 is hardly the leader in specifications, but we know that the numbers remain only on paper – when it comes to performance, the iPhone can’t compare to any competitor.

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How different technical characteristics “Apple” smartphone over the past eight years:

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