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New iPhone 6c will receive a 4-inch display and metal body

In the development of new smartphones manufacturers are guided not only the aesthetic requirements, but also how quickly and efficiently they are able to generate the gadgets. For this reason, most vendors are looking towards plastic. Apple, by the way, only with the release of the plastic iPhone 5c ventured to depart from the traditions of the predominant use of metal boxes. This is a distinctive feature of the model has allowed the company to produce a relatively affordable device.

The plastic used in the manufacture of cases of iPhone 5c is polycarbonate. Last for many years, used in the optical industry in the production of eyeglass lenses. It is resistant to shocks, but it is easily scratched. That’s why Apple did something that no other manufacturers – at the stage of finishing the case iPhone 5c varnished increased strength. In addition, placed inside the unit steel construction provides the necessary strength to the housing and serves as a radio antenna for communication.

We’ve heard that Apple is working on a successor, and in mid-April informants even showed a picture of the back panel. The more interesting was today’s insider, provided by Jefferies analyst Angie Wu. According to him, the largest contract Apple supplier, Foxconn, разместилf an order for the production of metal casings for the iPhone 6c.

According to the source, like the flagship models of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, new iPhone 6c will be dressed in a metal sheath. The smartphone will retain the same 4-inch display.

Manufacturers of Android-devices believe that the plastic used in smartphones, lightweight and durable, allowing the devices endure the knocks and falls. However, many users believe that plastic case makes smartphones look cheap, unlike aluminum and glass surfaces. It is assumed that this is one reason why the new iPhone 6c will get a metal body.

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Of course, this innovation will increase the cost of the smartphone. But most likely, the iPhone 6c will be positioned as a more affordable alternative to the flagship models, and will perform their compact modification, which does not yield to the capabilities of the original device.

In Jefferies confirmed Apple’s plans to release in 2015, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus will get the same design as the current model. Previously, this information was confirmed by “spy” photos of the device.

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