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The police warned iPhone users about the deadly draw

Law enforcement agencies have warned iPhone owners about a dangerous prank on the Internet, which can lead to fatal consequences. A viral joke, the network has created a big problem for police and rescuers.

In social networks, the organizers of the prank offer iPhone and iPad users to ask the voice assistant Siri to dial the number 108, “to laugh”. And you can’t do in any case.

As it turned out, after “108” voice assistant Apple calls the emergency services. If such calls will start to arrive from many different points, it will take hotlines, increasing response time and in some cases the time difference of a few minutes can be the line between someone’s life and death, said the police.

“Tell Siri “108” and see what she will say. This is laughable”.

“All iPhone users tell Siri “108” and close your eyes for 5 seconds. You’ll thank me later.”

“They just found a way to make group calls on FaceTime, just tell Siri “108”, after which you will be able to call two people at once”.

Law enforcement urges iPhone owners to avoid teams “108”, “112”, “110”, “999” and “000”.

During testing, these numbers rescue service found that a set of any of them using Siri will lead to the fact that the call will be routed to the crisis center. This information released the office of Sheriff of Douglas County, Washington.

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