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Safari in iOS 9 has learned to block unwanted Windows on websites

Debuting this week is the fourth beta version of iOS 9 received a special mechanism that allows you to block pop-up messages on websites. Function called to deal with web resources scams.

Previously, experts F-Secure told about a new new form of fraud – failure messages in iOS when criminals posing as operators technical support. When searching in the browser on iPhone and iPad pop up window with information about the system error and offer to call tech support to resolve the problem. When this box prevents the program – Safari displays a Javascript window that cannot close.

In iOS 9 this method will not work. When you try to disrupt Safari I get the message: “This resource shows constant requests. Want to block warnings for this site?”. At the window with two buttons: “Lock” and “Not now”. Thus, the user can get rid of obsessive Windows ransomware.

In Russia fraudsters practice scheme with a lock Safari and it sends a warning on behalf of the Ministry of internal Affairs on the introduction of the iPhone in the black list. “Your iPhone is locked and blacklisted for violation of the law, article 242, part 1, and 241. part 1 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation. Visiting and viewing sites from the black list, engaged in the production and sale of child pornography, porno with animals, the promotion of homosexuality in society.” To unlock, the scammers offer to transfer money to a special telephone number. The price is 3700 rubles.

In iOS 8 to get rid of such Windows can be one way to close Safari and clear the browser cache. To do this go to Settings –> Safari and click the “Clear history and site data”.

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iOS 9 beta 4 with the function pop-up blocker was released on July 21. Among the changes in the new build: new design Handoff, enhanced mode support “picture in Picture” on the iPad, support for audiostreaming for “Home collection”. Detailed list of changes in iOS 9 beta 4 posted here.

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