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Die With Glory is an indie game about the adventures of the Vikings

Die With Glory is reminiscent of the classic games that made our childhood complete. The game seems to want to capture that nostalgic feeling of the good old adventure games of the 90-ies, and at the same time looks modern and fresh.

The bearded warrior Sigurd embarks on a Grand adventure in this 2D adventure game. He fought in major battles, he saved and took lives, fearlessly looked death in the eye a lot, but got away with it. Now, in his old age, all he wants is the last great journey, one final battle that will allow him to die with dignity, so he could join their ancestors in Valhalla.

Die With Glory, in fact – quest game with little frills, you basically will interact with items, objects, characters and game physics to achieve their goals. But at the same time you will gain and lose friends, to besiege and defend the fortress, carried on a stone hoverboard over the river of lava, fighting with huge monsters by climbing on them, and participate in large scale air battles.

One thing that really makes the game seem interesting, is a non-linear plot. Gamers will have several choices of how the story will be played out, and what adventures will fall out. High quality cartoon graphic style is also one of the big pluses of the game.

Be sure to check out the official web site Die With Glory, to know more details.

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